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Hello, I am Ravi Shankar Maurya, CEO & Founder of Human Iris. I have started this platform for those who are really passionate about their life goals. Here on the Human Iris website, you can find Effective themed-based Interior Design ideas of various activities which are done by humans and how it affects their personality, mental health, career, and much more. This multidisciplinary platform helps you to know more about yourself. Keep reading to know more about Human Iris.

Founder & CEO

Humanology Interiors

Ravi Shankar


Home Interior & Garden Designer

Blogger & Affiliate Marketer

About Me

Hi, I am Ravi Shankar Maurya, D.O.B 28 April 1991, Lucknow, UP, India. Done my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa. During my school days, I was really passionate about arts/design, and extracurricular activities, which made me more curious to know more about new things. I started observing humans and their behavior, this made me understand more about things that human needs, and this made me a creative thinker. In 2010, I have completed my schooling and in the same year, I joined a bachelor's course. I got admission to the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India, where I completed my B. Tech in Physical Planning in 2015, which includes Town Planning, Urban Planning, etc. After getting graduated, I have done many jobs and internships, which helped me to understand more about Human activities and how Humans live.

After gaining much more knowledge about humans, In 2017, I enrolled myself in a Master's degree i.e in MAPsychology at IGNOU, Lucknow, UP, India (Distant Learning). I have gone through the selected topics which I was looking for and learned about the human mind and behavior. Meanwhile, from the year 2016, I read many human histories, the future of humans, and self-improvement books which helps me a lot. 

After much research, In December 2017 I enrolled in a Master's Diploma Degree in Interior Design from Dream Zone Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh  There in the institute, I performed very well and got awarded Student of the Year 2018. After getting more confident in my design and creative skills, I thought to start helping human beings and share my knowledge with everyone who really wants to achieve something in their life. After long research, I started the "Humanology Interior" journey which is an "Interior Design Studio" in the year 2018, where anyone can choose their Desired Theme as per their own choice. You will get amazed by knowing more about "Humanology Interiors", Currently named changed to "Human Iris".

Now, I would like to introduce a Team Member, she is from my school, her name is Ekta Dwivedi. I discussed the concept of my start-up, and she really liked the concept. After discussion I asked her, "you wanna work on this concept as a team member", and she agreed. She joined in May 2020.

Humanology Interiors
Ekta Dwivedi


UX/UI Designer

I am Ekta Dwivedi, done my schooling at the same school as Ravi :) KV No. 1, Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa. I wasn’t much of a studious one, but have scored well enough to get hired and pursue higher studies ;) I mostly was into sketching and writing poetry since class 8, my favorite book was magic pot back then. I did my B.E. in ECE from Anna university (Roever Engineering College, TN) and passed out in 2014.

I have worked for big IT companies like Dell and Wipro plus startup to midsize companies like Players Plate, Easy Ecom, Tavant, and Vedira Solutions as a Marketer and Designer. Working with Humanology Interiors is a different experience wherein I got to explore different fields (My favorite departments are psychology and hobby). There is a kind of openness and strictness towards our future to reach the desired goal.

We get to learn and experiment with the ways through which we can excel in our field of work.

Ravi Shankar has been my guidance over the years and helped me improve at every stage.

I hope that HI reaches a wider audience and helps the needy to overcome their struggles in a guided way.

 Introduction To 

Human Iris (Hi)

Live In Environment Where You Want To Be..!

Refresh Your Way of Living and Relish an Environment of  Your Choice 

Major Human Issues

Most of us are struggling to get Better Quality of Living. Beings Humans we need to face our desired Dreams, Goals, Demands, and Expectations at every level. These desires later lead to mental disturbance which most of us are unaware of, which then results in various health issues that include, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Sadness, and Fear.

Why We Are Here

Established in 2018, "Humanology Interiors" which is now "Human Iris" is an Interior Designing Company that will understand your future needs and help you enhance your lifestyleWe help you in building a living room environment to connect with your desires and goals. Give us a chance to help you by building a Happy Living Room Environment.

The concept behind "Human Iris" is, we humans have five senses but our Eyes are one of the major senses in all five senses. We humans mainly depend on what we see, and then we imagine what we want to see. Our behavior and personality mainly depend on what we see first then next what we listen to. So "Human Iris" going to help you to develop your vision into reality, like which environment you want and how it will change your lifestyle.

What We Do

We Provide Themed Based Interior Design Services.

We work on theme-based interior design, which can be affordable for everyone, especially for Middle-Class people. Who doesn't want to spend more money on "Interior Design". We will help you by giving tips and we also provide self-done interior design content on our website. You can get several other services besides Interior Design from our professionals by contacting them(we are in process of building a community). 

The Human Personality Grows Wherever The Person Lives

If you are someone who is struggling to achieve your desired goal and want to achieve something in your life or if you want to know who you are and want to connect with your eternal self then "Human Iris" is just the right choice for you. 

Age is just a number...! Whether you are planning an interior for yourself or your kids or your parents, a way of living can create a huge impact on everyone's future.

"Life Is All About Where You Live...!"

How We Work


We have four departments, from which you can easily choose your type of Lifestyle.

List of  Departments

How Departments Works

The First Four Departments provide you services in Interior Design and much more. Fifth Department is the learning department which helps you to learn in several creative sectors. From the first four departments, you can select your choice of Interior Design Service. Each department has a different kind of style/theme, which will help you to reach the basic needs you are looking for (Like Career, Goals, Quality of Life, etc.).

Interior Design Doesn't Need To Expensive and Luxurious.It Should Also Connect With Your Emotions

You might have gained some interest till here. I would recommend you to visit our Department's Page and know more about how each department works.

Working Professionals (Community)


List of a team of different professions

Who will be focusing on the daily "Activities and thoughts". These include your Career, Jobs, Family, Health, Quality of Living, Dreams, and a lot more to help you create a plan for your brighter future.

Vision and Mission

"Our Vision Is To Reduce Mental Illness 
Create A Healthier Environment 
To Live For All The Human Kinds "

"Our Mission Is To Improve
 The Quality Of Living 
By Analyzing Human's Desires and Goals"

Our Values


We are transparent and honest, and treat everyone with respect.


We work as one team to make smart decisions that deliver the best results.


We do what we say we will do 


We communicate honestly and respectfully


We aim for quality work 

We care

We care for our clients 

We are creative 

We make sure to bring unique products 

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